Friday, April 6, 2007

Honeymoon With Best Friends Wife

I am a 28 year old guy, married. I have a good appetite for sex. This happened when my best friend Anil got married. It so happened that he came from US and got married the next day, but had to leave immediately without honeymoon. Priya was 25 ,FAIR TALL 5,4 36-28 38 ang hungry. She was staying at my place. She told me that she wanted a honeymoon in Goa . On some pretext I told my wife I had a work and took of to Goa wit Priya.. I booked a suite in Taj Aguada. Priya was wearing a short skirt and a noodle strap on the flight. we were fondling each other all through. We checked in the hotel which had a room with Terrace. I had instructed the hotel to decorate the room as a honeymoon suite. Priya was excited with this. When we entered the room Priya hugged me and started kissing me. I told her we will enjoy our self. I took her to the bed and slowly undressed her. I removed her skirt her top and I realized she was naked underneath. I kissed her all over. She also undressed me.We were kissing each other passionately. I told her we will make this honeymoon memorable. I opened a champagne bottle poured it in 2 glasses and drank it. I poured some of it on Priyas body and started licking her allover. Then I drank some of it from her pussy. She was divine. she dipped my cock in the drink and started sucking it. She was licking my balls her tongue tip was feeling my cock. I picked her up and took her to the bath tub. We were lying there drinking and feeling each other. Then I soaped her clean then I picked her up and put her on the bed. By this time it was dark and night had fallen. I took her to the terrace the starry sky was moonlit. I placed her on the couch in the terrace and started licking her. I bit her tots and squeezed her boobs priya was moaning with pleasure. She told me that she was a virgin. I went down and started licking her tight pussy. Her juices were flowing. she came multiple times. Then I stood up and priya was on her knees, I held her head and inserted my cock in her mouth she started sucking me, she squeezed my balls. she was great in the blowjob and I came in her mouth. Then I took Priya to bed and lad her and separated her legs I lubricated her virgin pussy with my tongue and then slowly inserted my 8 inch into her. She cried with pain and then with Ecstasy. I was holding her hips and fucking her hard and she was screaming in joy at the loss of her virginity. I licked and sucked her boobs as I fucked her. We were lip locked in passion. Finally both of us came together. She licked my dick clean and then I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. Priya was still hungry and wanted the doggy,I placed my still hard dick and entered her pussy in doggy.I was holding her boobs and fucking her hard.I slapped her arse and she squeaked in joy. I was fucking her in doggy style and massaging her boobs and kissing her. At the end we cam again. Priya wanted to get arse fucked.I licked her tiny hole and lubricated it and then had a arse fucking session. The bed was a mess with bloodstains and cums. We slept naked hugging each other. Priya wanted to have blasts in Goa . Next day we were in the pool priya wearing a sexy teeny meeny bikini. We drank in the pool came to room fucked and again. In between the trees we disappeared and priya gave me a BJ in open. I cam allover her face .I took her to one corner and licked her in the open. At night Priya wore a tiny mini skirt and a revealing top. She was not wearing anything under. We drank and danced in the disc. Then I took her to the hilltop and we were making love. I licked her by lifting her tiny skirt and she sucked me of. then I lifted her and fucked her in the standing position. We went to the room and had another session. Next few days we were traveling on bike all over and fucking in different places. We went to a isolated beach .Priya got naked and went into the water, followed her and we were playing in water for hours. then we came to the beach and fucked in a bush. We were regularly having sessions on the terrace. We came back after 10 days .Priyas Visa was ready and she left for US. She called me to tell she was pregnant. Whenever priya comes to India we have our sex sessions.

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